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Castle in time is an independent orchestra that was formed by the need to hear and create a large ensemble that contains classical and electronic instruments and performers. The musicians are trying to challenge and connect between an up to date poppy sound and the institution called "orchestra".
The debut piece of the orchestra is called after its name: "Castle in Time", and is a multimedia that combines music, performance, and video. A one-hour long journey which refers to the way that the performers and the audience perceive time when the emphasis is on the density of the weekdays vs the vacuum and attention of the Shabbat. 
"The audience is mesmerized, the conductor dances, the musicians play, the event ends, Itai Mautner and Anat Safran invite all the participants to stand in front of the hall, applause, the audience gets eight minutes more with the Castle in time Orchestra, It's worth it..."
- Yuval Harel on the performance in Pecha Kucha

The creators, Shalev, Matan and Tal, in collaboration with Beit Avi Chai has initiated a unique learning workshop for artists that deal the idea of the Shabbat as a different time zone. It was all inspired by a book by the

"The most promising and most unusual concert: A band of 24 musicians, a computer, and a conductor will perform the symphony "Castle in time", a combination of classical and electronic music ...
- Dafna Arad , Haaretz

philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel that spoke about these ideas and has come up with the metaphor of the Shabbat as a castle in time.  "Sabbath itself is a Temple -a temple a man builds himself, a residence in time. There is a man who's life directed by the need to deal with life's many obstacles and there is a man that managed to stop the race and stand still in light of a moment that reflects the reality of eternity..."


Conductor - Matan Daskal

Flute - Rachel Mazor

Oboe - Mariona Gudia, Raphael Landsman

Clarinet - Noa Ya'akov, Tomer Amikam

Bassoon - Michael Rosler, Gal Varon

French Horn - Ofer Etzioni, Tzviki Moran

Trumpet - Tal Avraham, Avior Rokah

Trombone - Bar Tal, Noa Greenfeld

Percussion - Shalev Ne'eman

Drum Set - Roi Brum

Computer - Asaf Meidan, Guy Moses

Co-founders composers

and producers - Shalev Neeman & Matan Daskal

Co-founder and CEO - Tal Donner


Electric Guitar - Eden Nir, Maor Shvarzberg

Bass Guitar - Nitai Marcus

Synthesizers - Yonatan Daskal

Harp - Tal Vaknin

Vox - Daniel Krief, Anna Lann, Josef Laimon, 

Channan Ben Simon, Shiran Fadida

Violins - Gilad Rivkin, Nadav Fast, Daniel Zinn, Yedidia Schwarz, Benedikt Bindewald

Viola - Michal Berkovich

Cello - Mayu Shviro, Shani Bar, Talia Erdal 

Double Bass - Michael Edwards

Sound - Yossi Lugassi  

Stage manager - Nadav Yarkoni

Light design -

Omer Sheizaf, Ofer Laufer

Cameramen and woman - Malu Zayon, Ma'ayan Rabani, Mark Segal

Video editing - Daphni Leaf

Castle in Time orchestra is supported by Beit Avi Chai, CCA, Einav Cultural Center, Mifal Hapais and a crowd funding campaign. 

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