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Sound Platform


By Daniel Grossman & Matan Daskal



Durational + an option for live concerts or DJ sets


Number of Speakers


Concept and composition: Matan Daskal & Daniel Grossman Photos: Daniel Grossman

A multi-channel audio space that invites the public for a physical presence and deep listening. Like the intangible connection between human beings, like the space formed between people, so too do the spaces between one sound point in space and another, have the potential to evoke feelings of pleasure, passion, caring, intimacy, anger, and fear. Similar to our hormonal system, sound also consists of vibrations and movements that on the one hand seem elusive and invisible and on the other hand form an essential experience that carries an emotional weight.

The project was made as part of the Musrara Residency Program. Supported by Israeli Lottery, and the Ministry of Culture.

From the Press


Jerusalem Post | Batty Davis:

“The current work is successor to two earlier ventures in which the pair buried loudspeakers in the earth and invited members of the public to lie, sit or stand on the surface and experience the subterranean sound waves with their body and ears. That, in itself, has to shake up your notion of sonic ingestion.”

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