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In C

In C
Live Concert

In C

Music by Terry Riley
Live VJ by Mejadra Eyes



60 minutes


Number of performers


Original cast: Flute: Rachel Mazor, Tenor Saxophone: Eyal Netzer, French Horn: Tsviki Moran, Electronic and Acoustic Percussion: Shalev Ne’eman & Ram Gabay, Vibraphone: Gioro Politi, Electric Guitar: Yaniv Mintzer, Synths: Matan Daskal, Rhodes: Milton Michaeli, Piano: Benjamin Goodman, Harp: Ada Ragimov, Violin: Benedikt Bindewald, Cello: Shani Bar, Doublebass: Erez Meyuhass, VJ: Mejadra Eyes / Manager: Tal Donner / Musicians Coordinator: Daniel Ring / Graphic Design: Dar Laor

In C is Terry Riley's most iconic piece, released in 1964. It's composed of fifty-three minimalistic melodic patterns that are played in a sequence, while each musician has the freedom to choose how many times to repeat every pattern before moving on to the next one. On top of the rich texture that is been created, the visual artist Mejadra Eyes is screening flashes from masterpiece films created in that era. 

Commissioned and premiered in the Jerusalem Theater as part of the Black in White Festival 2022

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