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Live Concert

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By Matan Daskal



20 minutes


Number of performers


Original cast: Composition: Matan Daskal / Filmmaker and photographer: Malu Zayon / Film Editing: Bernat Mestres / Violins: Gilad Rivking, Daniel Zinn / Viola: Hadas Gat / Cello: Shani Bar / Singer, dancer and choreographer: Bobbi Jene Smith Also performed by: Voice: Chana Ben Simon, Anna Lann / Cello: Shani Bar / Synthesizer: Yonatan Daskal

The piece is dealing with the time of our hearts. The string quartet musicians are each connected to a device called a “pulse sensor” that translates the speed of their heart beat into 4 different LED light signals. Each musician follows someone else's corresponding LED light signal and plays in response to the rhythm of its pulse. There are always 4 concurrent tempos- the heart rates of the players. Playing at the tempo of someone else's heartbeat creates a new opportunity for connection between the players, inviting instinctive listening and making them depend on one another.
I wanted to bring my performative experience as a dancer to a musical situation, a string quartet. Once I fainted in the middle of the night. When I woke up, I remember trying to find my pulse but couldn’t find it. Since then, I developed the habit of listening to my heart rate to see if it starts to drop. This experience, alongside a break of heart I went through led me to use the speed of our hearts as a creation tool.
The whole piece is divided into five: the intro, three movements, and an outro. The intro is a layered electronic loop built from the musician's heartbeats. The first movement is in the tempo of hearts beats. The second movement is in the tempo of breath. The third is in the tempo of real-time musical reaction to one another, and the outro is in the tempo of a dancer's movement.

The piece was performed in the “Sirga” festival in Spain, “Bat Sheva hosts” in Tel-Aviv, “Barbur” gallery in Jerusalem, “Uganda” Jerusalem, “And Mishkenot Sha’ananim” Jerusalem.

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